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From a common man to an entrepreneur, as an Indian citizen somewhere or other we are obliged to comply in accordance with said rules or regulations ~ Sometimes a simple procedure and sometimes a complex process.

Having well realized the hardship that every such person endeavors to undertake these manoeuvre procedures besides their primary goal, here we comes as a thirst quencher to provide you an “Extended services to ease you from strain”…

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~ We for you…

Our pre-eminent objective is to stop entailing you in the ancillary procedures and let you focus towards your primary goal. We always intend to pacify your strain by providing required services and necessary updates. Since we support to interact personally rather than predefined auto replies, it will be easy for both of us in finalizing the needs and solutions.

Our emphasis towards maximum client benefits, excellence in work completion, reasonable quote, client satisfaction and post service assistance manifest that “~We for you” is not just an expression but it is our “Commitment” .

Be a Proud Tax Filer!!!

“An individual’s discipline decides the society’s welfare” ~ Tax regime is not an exception in this regard.

An individual, remitting his/her Income tax and filing their return promptly and properly not only ensure our country’s economic welfare but also prove that you are a responsible Indian Citizen.

Having well understood this, here we comes with an intention to bring awareness about the two crucial factor involved in filing our income tax returns which the most of us neglect. These are even the ultimate deciding factors that whether the purpose of tax filing is achieved or not!

Here you go!!!

File IT Returns on Time ~ “Promptly”

Having our tax amount gets deducted on the hands of employer or by other deductors , filing the Income tax return is an absolute assurance to get ensured the correctness of your tax amount deducted by third parties.
Hence filing the return on time will provide you numerous benefits.

Here we enumerated the key benefits

• To Avoid Late Fees & Penalties,
• For Claiming Tax Deductions & Tax Refunds,
• For Availing a Loan or a Credit Card,
• For VISA Processing,
• For Carry Forward of Losses,
• For Registration of Immovable Property.

In short “Don’t be a paid defaulter, Do File your Return.”

File IT Returns with Tax Experts ~ “Properly”

Our each penny is so precious as we work hard to earn that. Remitting a portion of that amount as a tax component has to be computed properly to avoid excess/short payment.
Income tax levy is an unbiased regulation with utmost deductions and exemptions involved for the tax payers .With proper intellectual assistance both the tax payer and the tax regime endure the neutral satisfaction.

Here are the significant necessities to file with experts assistance

• Strategizing with Clients to Minimize Tax Liability
• Saves Time in Preparing Tax Returns
• Provide with free tax updates and new tax strategies
• Recommend suitable approaches to reduce all tax related obligations by a systematic Tax Planning
• Offer expertise on future tax saving methods and help to curb anxiety.
• Help in hassle-free and error free tax returns

In short, " Medications without Expert's Advice is Harmful to HEALTH & Taxation without Expert's Advice is Harmful to WEALTH"


Extended Services To Ease you from Strain…


Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

Limited Liability Partnership

One Person Company




Income Tax Return Filing

TDS/TCS Return Filing

Tax Audit

GST Registration

GST Return Filing

Assessment Compliances


ROC Annual Returns

Change in Share Capital

Appointment / Termination of Directors

IBC Filings / NCLT Appeals

Liquidation Filings

Other Secretarial Compliances


Book Keeping

Payroll Accounting

Invoice Processing

Monthly MIS

Preparation of Financial Statements

Audit Related Services

Licenses /

Professional Tax Registration

PF & ESI Registration & Computation

FSSAI License

MSME/SSI Registration

Import / Export Code Registration


Property (IP)

Trademark Registration

Patent Registration

Copyright Registration

Trademark Objection & Opposition

IP Appeals

Related Renewal Services


Loan Availment and Processing

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Tax Planning

Financial Advisory Services

Investment Queries

ISO Certification

About Us

Green Ink Compliances Solutions (GICS) is an embarkation in the commerce world with an ideology to extricate those striving folks from the laborious compliance procedures which they come over advertently or inadvertently while they focus to engross themselves towards their primary goal.
As we are proficient with intellectual skills, comprehensive experience and highly passionate for this vocation, we always relish in approaching the client’s requirements and provide our valuable inputs on the overall subject matter.
We read client Business, analyze the way they operate, comprehend their need and provide the clients with premier solutions. – and thus GICS serves as your “ULTIMATE DESTINATION” to accompany your business journey.

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